Liam O’Neill Woodturner

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Liam O’Neill Woodturner



While driving through Spiddal in Connemara I remembered Liam O’Neill, one of the the most talented wood turners in Ireland. I had taken a bowl turning class from him and decided to find his studio. We drove up a narrow winding road, and I mean narrow! Stone walls on each side within feet of our rented car. Stopping at a flat spot we looked to the right and saw his sign and turned into the driveway. What a sight to behold! A beautifully situated studio set among the stone walls, gorse and neighborhood donkeys.
We got out of the car and walked around the pathway to the show room. Liam emerged from the workshop covered in wood shavings with a big smile on his face. He extended a rough, well-worn hand and we were re connected. Then he showed us the big stuff and I mean big. Large pieces of redwood material turned on a huge lathe anchored to a concrete pad. Chairs sculpted out of one piece of wood fit for a king or noble person. Amazing to see the master’s work all over the place. Massive and delicate at the same time. We talked design, textures just soaked up the time we made for each other.

Here is his website so be prepared to be amazed.



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